Sunday, January 22, 2012

In Love

I'm in love with Pinterest. This has become addicting for me. Instead of just pinning things to my boards, though, I have been making things and trying new recipes. Here was my project this evening - a weekly calendar for the kitchen. Thanks to Kristy @ Next To Heaven for the idea!

I used this frame from Wal-Mart and some scrapbook paper.

I cut the paper into 4x6 pieces and decided which piece would go where. Then I opened up photoshop and used 4x6 landscape & portrait backgrounds. I chose a font I liked (Miss Tiina's font Whimsy) and typed up the days of the week. I labeled my 8th paper "coming up". Then I printed each one on the scrapbook paper and put them in the frame. Very easy to do!!!

I forgot to take a photo before I filled it out for the week, but here it is for $10 and a little bit of my time. We just have to fill it out each week using a dry erase marker.

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Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

looks great! love the paper choice in the brown frame! thanks for sharing!